31 Jan.

The ZOSH electric scooter is designed and manufactured in France, specifically in Sarthe, by the Cochet company, a well-known name in the agricultural world. Cochet is renowned for its equipment, especially its cutting trailers and front cups.

The key strengths of the ZOSH electric scooter in agricultural environments include:

  1. Dual Motorization: One motor in each wheel for true all-terrain use, even on steep slopes.
  2. Wide Tires with Deep Treads: Provides excellent grip and high safety with a kevlar anti-puncture layer.
  3. Range: Up to 90 km of autonomy, more than sufficient for moving around the farm, visiting fields, checking on animals, or inspecting crop progress.
  4. Narrow Width: Easily navigates through crops, such as between rows of corn or through cereal fields using treatment passages.
  5. Low Maintenance: Requires minimal maintenance (excluding wear-and-tear parts like tires and brake pads). Significantly cheaper to maintain than agricultural quads. Very quiet due to its electric motors.
  6. Noise-Free Operation: Electric motors produce minimal noise compared to traditional agricultural vehicles like quads or other gas-powered machines.
  7. Front and Rear Suspension: Front suspension with a suspended fork and rear suspension with a swinging arm for a comfortable ride even on rough terrain.
  8. User-Friendly: Simple and easy to use, making it beginner-friendly.