Electric vehicles are all rage, and many people are decided to make the electric scooter their privileged means of transport to go to work. If this vehicle can be easily ridden when the weather is nice and dry, one may wonder if it is possible to use it when the rain invites itself to the party. The Zosh waterproof electric scooter proves itself to be a scooter suitable for all terrains and all seasons. Let’s find out if this is true.

Grip, waterproofness, height: what are the requirements to ride an electric scooter in the rain?

The electric scooter is a means of transport designed to function when the weather is dry. On a damp road, when it is raining, various issues can appear. The tires can slip, lose their grip on the road and the braking can be less efficient. In short, safety is compromised.

Some scooters, like the waterproof electric scooter by Zosh, were designed with one thought in mind: offering a safe and enjoyable riding experience, whatever the weather conditions. Thus, they are designed by engineers and designers who understand that to face the rain, certain criteria are essential.

Grip, size and shapes of tires, waterproof batteries, accelerator or brake cable, mudguards, bar height: everything has been studied and scrutinized to ensure as much comfort as possible when it rains. They even try to achieve the highest waterproof standard. This criterion defines the capacity of the scooter to face rain and water. According to today’s standards, if you are rated at 7, it means that the vehicle can be submerged for about half an hour.

What should one wear to ride in the rain?

What are the ideal conditions to ride in the rain? Using a waterproof electric scooter that meets today’s standards of waterproofness is a good start. If it is equipped with cross-country tires with an excellent grip and mudguards, it is even better! Unfortunately, it might not always be enough.

To be safe when the weather is quite bad, users of waterproof electric scooters must be well equipped as well: helmets, gloves, and jackets are the norm. This equipment is essential in all weathers and must be made waterproof for rain.

Users’ belongings and spare parts should be stored in a waterproof and lightweight backpack. For complete protection, users can get a rain suit like the ones used by bikers.

Zosh, the all-terrain waterproof electric scooter ideal for riding in all weather conditions.

Zosh, the all-terrain waterproof electric scooter ideal for riding in all weather conditions.

The waterproof electric scooter by Zosh is a vehicle designed to face all types of grounds. The Zosh is at ease on the road, on paths, in the sand, the mud, snow. Thrills and spills suit it well and is also easy to clean. Its top-end acceleration, its hydraulic brakes, its high grip tires, its mudguard, its large handlebar, and its great maneuverability make it one of the best allies for outings, whatever the weather is.