Drift ZOSH, French electric powered tricycle


The Drift ZOSH is an electric traction tricycle specially designed for thrill-seekers and more particularly controlled sliding and drifting.

The Drift ZOSH is a one-size-fits-all model suitable for both adults and children, offering an exhilarating riding experience for pilots of all ages. Its quick handling ensures instant enjoyment as soon as you take the wheel.

The frame of this tricycle is made of high-quality steel, combining exceptional strength with remarkable lightweight, and it is covered by a lifetime warranty to ensure enduring durability.

Equipped with a powerful 1200-watt electric motor mounted in the front wheel, this tricycle delivers impressive acceleration and precise control.

The quick adjustment of the seat position allows riders as short as 1.40 meters and weighing up to 140 kg to sit comfortably. The ergonomic seat position, along with lateral footrests, ensures optimal comfort during the ride.

The tricycle’s design draws inspiration from the world of competition, featuring side protections mounted on silent blocks for enhanced performance and safety. The 20-inch front wheel and the highly resistant PEHD strip covering the two rear wheels provide excellent drifting quality.

This electric tricycle also features a front brake with a 160 mm disc for reliable and secure stopping. You can choose from three speed settings to tailor the ride to your preferences.

The tricycle comes with a French lithium-ion battery of 35 amperes and 48 volts (equivalent to 1680 watt-hours), housed in an interchangeable suitcase that can be replaced in seconds. With an estimated range of 18sessions of 10 minutes, this battery charges quickly in less than 2h30 using a 12 amps rapid charger.

In summary, the electric tricycle combines state-of-the-art technical features, competition-inspired design, and user-friendliness to offer an unmatched electric riding experience.

Whether you’re an adult or a child, get ready for thrilling moments behind the wheel of this versatile and high-performance electric tricycle.

Drift ZOSH Technical Features

  • One size frame that fits adults and childrens
  • Very quick handling for maximum pleasure
  • High-end, reliable and lightweight chassis (lifetime warranty)
  • One 1200 watt motor on the front wheel
  • Quick seat adjustment. Minimum size 1m40 and up to 140kg
  • Ergonomic position with a comfortable seat and side footrests for pilot comfort
  • Competition design
  • Large customization area
  • Side protections mounted on rubber
  • 20 inch front wheel
  • Very resistant HDPE strip which covers the 2 rear wheels to obtain good drift quality
  • Aluminum floor to protect the rider’s feet
  • Front brake with 160mm disc
  • 5 ajustable speeds
  • French made lithium/ion battery of 35 amps and 48 volts or 1680 Watts/h.
  • Special box for battery swap in a few seconds
  • Range expected = 18 sessions of 10 minutes ( 3h )
  • Battery fully charged in less than 2h30 with a 12 amps fast charger
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