Electric scooters to relieve city centers congestion

We have the solution! Make Zosh scooters available for your citizens!

Electric, quiet, and maneuverable, the Zosh scooter effortlessly weave in and out and will adapt itself to all your needs (professional or private use) thanks to its performance and its accessories. Obviously, its use in large numbers to replace cars will greatly reduce congestion in the city center.

An electric scooter to reduce your carbon footprint

The Zosh electric scooter has, by definition, a real impact on your carbon footprint and on the environment in general.

No more harmful particles or incessant noise of engines. A fleet of Zosh scooters will have a real impact on the quality of life in your city center by adding modernity and ecology.

A scooter to get your message across

Innovative and sleek, the Zosh electric scooter catches the eye anywhere it goes. Thanks to its large customizable space on the chassis, you can customize it the way you want.

The logo of your town, for example, but also a new communication space that you can market to stakeholders in your town: businesses, shops, events… A guaranteed publicity stunt! Our design team is at your disposal to define the new look of your scooters.

ZOSH, a scooter to get your message across
Strengths of our French scooter

Strengths of our French scooter

  • No more traffic jam in the city
  • Electric and thus quiet
  • Designed to be easy to handle by anybody
  • Safe and reassuring with its big wheels
  • A low gravity center for more stability
  • Highly maneuverable
  • A large customizable space
  • 1 x 750watts motor to conquer any urban slopes
  • Practical with its 2 optional saddlebags
  • Battery integrated to the chassis
  • Removable batterie to be charged up independently of the scooter
  • Large autonomy: from 43 to 49 miles (70 km to 80 km) in the city
  • Very short recharge time

Personalize your professional scooters

Personalize your scooter by adding your city’s logo or any other visual of your choice. Ideal to promote an event, spread a message to your citizens… and therefore it can be a new communication tool to market if need be.

Our design team is at your disposal to meet your needs.

Personalize your professional scooters