Discover the thrills and spills of the electric mountain scooter by Zosh entirely made in France. Road-approved, these vehicles are family-friendly! With the new agile and safe means of transport, these scooters will allow you to go further in your explorations. Thanks to their powerful accelerators, Zosh imposes itself as a serious opponent for the MTB, especially in climbs and descents.

Why should you buy an electric mountain scooter?

As the scooter evolved, it conquered more and more terrains. After taking over the sidewalks and the streets, this big-wheeled electric vehicle can go anywhere from greenways to rugged alpine paths and uncharted roads easily. All the while providing enthusiasts with impressive thrills and spills. If you enjoy freeriding or cross-country sports, the Zosh scooter will be your new ally. You can easily go over bumps or hurtle down slopes. Nothing will stop you; you can schedule outings in the wild or long hikes on the trails. Crossing mountains saddles have never been easier, no matter the climbs or descents.

More and more rental companies are offering these vehicles to explore the mountains, ride in the countryside and take a tour around a lake for instance. With their helmets on, adults and children can thread their way through the trees following the trails. Particularly quiet, the scooters will not disturb nature. One can easily blend into the environment to enjoy it even better.

Tires, brakes, shock absorbers… What are the best features for an electric mountain scooter?

Tires, brakes, shock absorbers… What are the best features for an electric mountain scooter?

The electric mountain scooter by Zosh was designed to be both versatile and efficient. It can be ridden on the sidewalks or wilder paths in steep gorges. Its sturdiness is similar to that of an MTB. Its suspended fork, the width of the tires with inner tubes on the main wheels, the height of the wheel, the quality of the shock absorber, and its suspensions are designed to make it easily maneuverable and capable to withstand jolts and shocks.

On top of a sturdy and supple structure, it is equipped with an electric motor that has a long-standing autonomy. Indeed, on a full battery, you can go on 31 to 49 miles (50 to 80 km) rides, depending on the type of ground you are riding on. In only two and a half hours, your lithium battery will be full. To make it even safer, the electric mountain scooter by Zosh is also equipped with discs brakes. Last but not least, thanks to the ergonomics handles, getting familiar with the scooter and finding one’s balance have never been simpler.

Behind the handlebar, you will feel safe. Both the children and adult models can serpentine, jump and speed up, providing the user with a feeling of utter freedom. The braking system and the ease of use, make the Zosh scooter reliable on any given ground. No need to worry anymore about the possible obstacles or pedestrians that may come in your way.

Zosh, the all-terrain electric scooter perfect for mountain use.

The electric mountain scooter by Zosh has a very good price-quality ratio. For a nice green ride by the water or a lovely hike in the mountains, the scooter will be indispensable for both children and adults.

Its versatility is endless, for example, you can easily ride scooters to go on guided tours with your whole family. Cycling and hiking enthusiasts will test out the braking system, the mobility, and the overall performance of the scooter during rides on rough terrain in the mountains. With this fun and agile scooter, you will increase your mile radius and go on adventures to discover new landscapes.